Discovering Deeper Faith and Community: Small Groups at ENCOUNTER

Welcome to ENCOUNTER, where we believe in fostering spiritual growth and nurturing meaningful relationships within a community of like-minded believers. One of the key avenues for achieving this is through our amazing small groups. These groups are designed to help you draw closer to God, experience a true transformation, and find genuine friendships along your faith journey.

Grow Closer to God

Our small groups provide a nurturing environment where you can delve into the teachings of the Bible and deepen your understanding of God’s word. Through dedicated prayer, guided study, and open discussions, you’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your faith and develop a more intimate relationship with God.

Experience a True Transformation

Our small groups serve as catalysts for transformation, providing a safe space where you can openly share your joys, struggles, doubts, and victories. As you witness the transformative journey of others and share your own, you’ll be inspired to draw closer to God and live a life that reflects His love and grace.

Community and Friendship

Life is better lived in community, and our small groups are designed to foster authentic connections. In these intimate gatherings, you’ll find a diverse group of individuals, each at a unique point in their spiritual journey. Small groups at ENCOUNTER become a close-knit family, a community of believers who support, uplift, and encourage one another. Whether you’re navigating life’s ups and downs, celebrating victories, or seeking prayer and guidance, your small group will be there for you.

Join a Small Group Today

If you’re searching for a deeper connection with God and a supportive community to walk alongside you, we invite you to join one of our small groups (life groups, bible studies, unique groups, and care groups) at ENCOUNTER.

Contact us today to get connected with a small group that fits your schedule and aligns with your spiritual goals or visit our small groups page for more information: click here


We have ASL interpretation available for the 9 AM service