No matter where you’re at, you’ve probably discovered at times, life is hard. Relationships break down. We lose perspective. We wonder where we fit in this world. Does God really care?  

One of the things we're convinced of is in spite of an unpredictable economy, changing politics, or the ups and downs of relationships, there is only one sure certainty in life. 

Our Creator loves us. His character never changes. God’s heart for you, your family, this community and the world is focused on inviting people into an intimate relationship with Him. 

We’re an gospel-centered, intergenerational church made up of people who want to learn more about God and discover His purposes for our lives. We’re committed to a few essentials.

Encountering God

Encouraging each other

Engaging the world

Come by our weekend ENCOUNTER worship services, if you’re new to Ventura County or passing through. We'd love to meet you!