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The Bouyei (boo-yee) are one of ENCOUNTER’s adopted people groups. The Bouyei are distinguished by their head coverings that resemble turbans, their warm hospitality, close village communities and friendly urban networks. The rich Bouyei culture is a medley of philosophies taken from animism, polytheism, shamanism, occultism, Daoism and Buddhism. Less than one percent are Christian. The majority of Bouyei are farmers and factory workers.

In the past 18 months, the situation for Christians in China has dramatically worsened. Thousands of foreign  Christians have been expelled from the country. Christian activity is strictly monitored, and many pastors have been imprisoned.  In spite of increased persecution, there is more interest and openness to the gospel.  Our global partners (unnamed for security) who have worked with the Bouyei for 8 years said

More Bouyei people are expressing an interest in faith in Christ, and family members who were opposed to the faith of Bouyei believers are softening.

Would you ask God to focus your heart for the Bouyei people in southwestern China during the month of May? Join with others praying for breakthrough among the three million Bouyei yet to know Christ’s love. The initial printing of the New Testament has been released in the main dialect of Bouyei, an audio recording is in process. God is growing his church through a small number of believers. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most unreached areas of southern China.

To join other intercessors in united prayer for the Bouyei throughout the month of May, text PRAYMAY to 24587 to receive short daily text messages during the month of May.


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