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On December 27, a team of 10 went to Urbana, a 5-day student missions conference sponsored by InterVarsity.  It happens every three years in St. Louis (it used to be held in Urbana, IL). Julie Fortunati shares about her experience:

My son, Jordan and I are in St. Louis, Missouri…in December. It’s 25 degrees. Honestly, when a few of my close friends started talking about going on a trip to URBANA with our soon to be college kids, I thought it is was a country abroad. I was all in. I had no idea that it is a college student missions conference that is held in Missouri. It has been happening since the 40’s and over 15,000 students came from around the world to learn, grow, and connect. These students are passionate about serving, giving, learning, and fighting for the marginalized, weak, and poor around the world. Being in the presence of fervent and committed students who desire to help, serve, give, change policy, and embrace all people, has been humbling and inspiring. Experiencing this with Jordan, is even more meaningful. We are learning so much and have a new awakening to others around us. I have learned that faith is lived and needs to be shared. It’s so exciting to experience such joy, compassion for others, and God’s outpouring of peace and love. URBANA is incredible and life changing even if it’s not abroad and it’s 25 degrees. We are loving it!!!!!

God uses Urbana to reveal his glory and call generations to surrender to Christ’s lordship. Urbana is a sacred space where students find calling and join in the Lord’s global mission whether across campus, zip codes, or the world. During this five-day conference, participants engage in a kaleidoscope of experiences including global worship sessions, Bible exposition, messages and seminars, manuscript Bible studies, testimonies from the global church, and prayer ministry.

We’re going back in 2021 and hope you can be a part of our team!

Watch Urbana 2018 videos from speakers

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