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Recently a group of people from ENCOUNTER joined our global partner, Nathan Gapper for an adventure in Los Angeles. It was an opportunity for our group to learn about other cultures, faiths and people groups right here in our own backyard. We met in North Hollywood and took the Metro to the end of the line at Union Station. From there, we took a train to Little Tokyo. Some of our group had never ridden the Metro in LA – it opened up for conversations about people who use the Metro for their sole means of transport.

We visited the Japanese American National Museum where we learned about anti-Japanese sentiment which forced the relocation and incarceration of over 100,000 Japanese Americans in to concentration camps. From there, we explored the Japanese Village Plaza including a Japanese grocery store. We were able to visit a Buddhist temple and meet the priest, who share with our group about Buddhism. During our tour, we had some special speakers including Spencer MacCuish, President of Eternity Bible College.  This college is dedicated to equipping students to serve full-time in global missions while making their educational experience affordable. We also heard from Andy Pearce, Director of International Students. Andy shared ways to welcome international students into our communities.

We finished our time at Grand Central Market where we were able to taste a wide array of international foods! If you’d like to be a part of a future Urban Excursion, contact Lori Hahn.



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