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We had a great day at Urban Excursion! 28 people came from ENCOUNTER, a few from the Perspectives class at Reality, plus a 10 more from Nathan and Naomi Gapper’s church.

We went to a Hindu temple and met with the priest, who talked about a few of the 33 million gods. We got to speak with some people who were there celebrating Holi and also bringing their offerings to the gods. Our guide at the temple has been a missionary in Varnassi, India, and is fluent in Hindi. In God’s small world, he also attended Traction in Switzerland with Daniel a few years ago!

We had lunch at an Uyghur restaurant, Dolan’s, recently reviewed in the LA Times. The young man who started the restaurant 5 months ago is an Uyghur who has a master’s degree in international business from USC. He shared with tears in his eyes that his father was taken by the government last October, and they have not heard a word from him since then. His vision for opening the restaurant is to raise awareness of Uyghurs, preserve the culture, and create a place where the approximately 1000 Uyghurs in LA might come together.

Our last stop was at a mosque in Alhambra where we watched the call to prayer, met with the imam, and were able to have Q and A with some of the leaders of the mosque who shared helpful information about Islam and their beliefs. One of the persons we met got his PhD in Christchurch, New Zealand, where the recent massacre took place. He knew some of the people killed.

It was a powerful experience for all!

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