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Paul Bradley, one of our Global Partners, is spending the month of February in Iraq and Syria. Paul serves with the Free Burma Rangers, a relief team with the mission of moving towards places of conflict to give help, hope, and love to those who are in the areas of greatest crisis.

Paul and his team have erected playgrounds in some of the hardest-hit towns in Syria. After they finish installing the playgrounds, they follow up with a “Good Life Club,” a time where they play games with the children, sing, act out Bible stories, and share about Jesus. The devastation in these towns is unbelievable, and the people are desperate for help.

While traveling through one of the bombed out towns, Paul’s team stumbled on a mother with three children who were trying to survive amidst the rubble. The seven year old son was selling coal along the side of the road to try to earn money. Paul’s team was able to offer this family food and money to help them survive.

Please pray for the safety of the team and the fruitfulness of their ministry.  Connect with Paul by following him on Instagram and Facebook.

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