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Tender Life Maternity Home provides safe housing and support services for pregnant women who are on the streets and dealing with addiction. For you to fully understand the ministry of Tender Life, let me tell you the amazing story of Lauren Stockton.
Lauren stumbled upon Tender Life around ten years ago, when she was homeless and struggling with addiction. While in the program she started seeing a therapist, and God began His work in Lauren. Lauren was four months pregnant when her appendix ruptured and she was rushed into surgery. In the process, she suffered a miscarriage. Soon she was back out on the streets and again into drugs.
But God was not done with Lauren. Lauren found her way back to church and there she was presented with an opportunity to be involved in the ministry that God used to save her life. God blessed Lauren with a heart for the women at Tender Life.
As an employee working at Tender Life, Lauren found her file and discovered that her baby had been a girl – and she realized she had never experienced closure from her miscarriage. A therapist helped her process her grief, and God brought about healing. Lauren hopes that other women like her will be helped and gain a heart for women’s ministries at Tender Life.
Tender Life’s goal is to help women attain independence. They can enter the program at any point during pregnancy and stay up to nine months after giving birth. Tender Life also works closely with their neighbor, The City Center, and helps the new moms apply to move there when it is time for them to leave Tender Life.
If you or your small group would like to get involved, you can sign up to deliver a meal or volunteer to serve in various ways. For more information on how to be involved:

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