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Kelly and her family have been attending ENCOUNTER since 2014 and she has been serving in Kids’ Cove for the past 2 ½ years. Recently she invited her oldest son Kieran to join her one Sunday when she taught in Kids’ Cove.

“For months Kieran has been curious about what I do when I teach on the 1st-5th grade side of our Sunday school, and I’ve been slightly worried about when he moves up there in a few months. I wasn’t sure he would sit through the lesson and be able to keep up with the big kids in the large group session. Today he wouldn’t take no for an answer, he wanted to see what it was about!
He did great! He sang and danced and listened and prayed. And he even asked a question in front of all the kids, “But why does God love us so much?”
I pray that God always keeps a part of Kieran desperately hungry, so that he knows there is only one place where he can go to get fed.”

When asked what she loves the most about serving in Kids’ Cove, Kelly replied, “I love that I get to speak into the lives of kids that I otherwise might not meet. Frequently something in the curriculum or something they say touches on a current struggle I’m going through, so they end up teaching me as much as I’m teaching them. And I love working alongside other Christ followers who love those kiddos and are passionate about every child walking through the door encountering Jesus.”

She went on further to share how Kids’ Cove has impacted her as a parent, “It’s such a relief as a Christian mom to know that other adults are going to speak and live Truth in front of my kids. Their teachers have such a special relationship with them, recognizing them, welcoming them with hugs, and showing them what it is to be a part of the family of God. And they come home bursting with excitement over the Bible stories they heard and lessons they learned.”

We are so grateful for all the members of the Kids’ Cove team! Thank you for the important role you play in shaping the character and faith of the next generation. If you’d like more information about serving in Kids Cove, email Gloria Needham.

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