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by Lizelle Wulff

1. What were you hoping to discover through Rooted?
Through the Rooted study, I was hoping to go back to the basics of my faith and have a deeper fellowship with my husband and the people in my small group.

2. What was the most impactful part of Rooted?
The most impactful part of Rooted for me was hearing other people’s faith journeys. It was so amazing to hear how God writes each story so beautifully and uniquely. I loved getting to know myself and others in a deeper way.

3. What did God show you through the journey of Rooted?
God showed me that He will continue to reveal His character and His Word to me if only I take the time to dig in and connect with others. The experience of being in Rooted highlighted how important it is to be in fellowship with others to continue to grow in Him and to have people to “do life with.”

4. What would you say to someone who is on the fence of joining Rooted?
For anyone who is on the fence of joining Rooted, talk to others who have gone through the experience and ask how it has helped them grow in Christ. Also, just do it! You will not regret it. Nothing beats getting to know yourself, Christ and other believers!

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