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This Spring ENCOUNTER launched Rooted, a 10-week experiential group experience that serves as a catalyst for growing deeper in relationship with Christ and others. Through study, sharing of stories, and group dialogue, the groups quickly develop relationships and build trust – essential ingredients to true community. Another part of the experience includes a prayer gathering and serving in the local community. Our Spring 2019 Rooted group shared that all these components came together to create a solid foundation for living in authentic community.

The 10-week study ends with a large group celebration dinner where everyone is given the opportunity participate in a cardboard testimony exercise. They share this by writing their experience of life change on a large piece of cardboard and revealing it to the group. Each participant silently shows their thinking before Rooted and turn the cardboard around to reveal their thinking after Rooted. It is truly powerful.

Aafje Adkins was one of the individuals who participated in Rooted, and she shared her response.

“The cardboard testimonies were my favorite part. I shared where I was ten weeks prior in my faith and how God has been working and where I am now. I was encouraged by everyone else’s testimonies. It’s all too often that we fall for the lie that we’re the only ones with struggles. We also fall into the lie that we don’t need community. As I got closer to my Rooted group and heard testimonies of life change, God debunked both of those lies for me. It was not an easy ten weeks and there were times I was asked to step out of my comfort zone. As challenging as that was, I don’t regret it. Rooted has ended, but my small group has decided to continue to meet regularly and start a new study! The next time Rooted is offered I encourage you to take a leap of faith and sign up.”

Look out for new Rooted groups to launch in the Fall. If you’re interested, email

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