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One Honduran government official called this “the greatest catastrophe” in their nation’s history. Last month, back-to-back hurricanes Eta and Iota relentlessly battered Honduras. This month, the nation is trying to pick up the pieces. And they have a long road ahead of them.

Honduras is already the second-poorest country in Central America. Now the hurricanes have displaced thousands – with some even sleeping on the streets or in makeshift tents. And food is scarce. While the people anxiously await relief and help, they also need Hope – the kind that only comes from Jesus.

We praise God that 95% of Hondurans claim Christianity! But sadly, national struggles with poverty, drugs, and gang violence exist within the Church as well. These realities can make it difficult for believers to live out their faith.

Now more than ever, the Body of Christ is needed to meet the nation’s urgent physical and spiritual needs in His name.

Together let’s pray

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