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This past weekend, we learned about the spiritual climate in China and the oppression of minority people groups. ENCOUNTER has “adopted” both the Bouyei people of China and the Uyghurs. This means we’ve made a commitment to pray for and support the work of establishing a strong church among these people groups.

Since 2012, when President Xi Jin Ping took over leadership of the country and the Communist Party took over, the implementation of the regulations on religion, the treatment of religious groups, especially Christians, became much harsher across the country. Crackdowns against Christians happen countrywide and in both state-approved and non-registered churches. Youth are increasingly being removed from church life; worship is monitored via CCTV and spies; and teachers and medical workers are told they are not allowed to have any religious affiliation.

If you’d like to pray for China and our two adopted people groups, here’s how you can respond:

  • Download OMF Prayer App at the iTunes App Store or Google Play. OMF is a mission agency founded 150 years ago by Hudson Taylor and is focused on the least reached peoples of East Asia.
  • Watch this short Prayercast Video on China.
  • To receive prayer updates on the Bouyei or Uyghers and our global partners who serve them, email Lori Hahn.




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