Jon Field has been affirmed for the Lead Pastor position at ENCOUNTER. We believe that God has been preparing Jon for ENCOUNTER for a long time. And what really seems like an answer to prayer, is Jon’s joyful, shepherd’s heart.


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— The Members of ENCOUNTER have affirmed the Elder Board’s choice of Jon Field to be ENCOUNTER’s next Lead Pastor.

— Learn more about Pastor Jon HERE.

— Pastor Jon will be starting officially on staff at the end of August. His first message as our Lead Pastor will be on September 4.

— ENCOUNTER will be hosting an All Church party to welcome the Field Family on September 4. More details coming soon!



We’re happy to announce that our church members have overwhelmingly affirmed Jon Field to be our next Lead Pastor! We were so pleased to see the warm reception you all gave him and his family on Sunday, and we are excited to see them come and serve here with us.

Jon is returning to his church to complete his work there and ensure a smooth transition with the community where he has served so well for the past decade and a half. They will then be moving here, getting settled, and then he will be starting officially on staff at the end of August. His first message as our Lead Pastor will be on September 4. We’re planning an all-church event so more of you can get to know the Fields better.

We were also so encouraged to see all of you here on Sunday! We pray that you will continue to attend and be uplifted by our amazing worship team, led by Jason Schafer; to be taught by a great series of guest pastors who are coming between now and then; and, to share the amazing fellowship for which ENCOUNTER is so well known in our community.

We ask now that you join us by adding these items to your prayers:
• For a smooth transition for the Field family, and for Grace Church in Tracy, as they search for a new pastor.
• For a wonderful summer at ENCOUNTER.
• For a long and fruitful season of service with Jon and Amy here, and everywhere our church goes to make disciples.
We are looking forward with anticipation to what God has planned for you and your church. See you on Sunday!

So grateful for all of you!

Rob Westberg
Chairman of the Elder Board


Who do we contact with questions or comments?

Comments and questions can be emailed to

Will there be any changes to current staff roles during the transition process?

Jack Monroe will serve as interim Executive Pastor. Church Staff will report to him. The Elders and Church Staff will be working closely together to carry on the ministry of the church. The day-to-day leadership of the church will continue to be the responsibility of the Lead Team. They will make sure that the church continues to pursue its mission to Encounter God, Encourage each other and Engage the world.

The Lead Team includes:
Bill Heydorn, Community Life Pastor
Gloria Needham, Director of ENCOUNTER Kids
Austin Gray, Pastor of Student Ministries
Gerald Innes, Director of Operations & Facilities
Kelly Hanighen-Lynch, Director of Communications and Women’s Ministries
Lindsey Lopez, Director of Care
Evan Link, Creative Director
Lori Borrajo, Administrative Assistant

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:6-7