The ENCOUNTER Elder Board is pleased to announce that you, the members of ENCOUNTER, have affirmed Brett Moore to be our next Lead Pastor. We are overjoyed that you could sense his enthusiasm for this church and for the Lord and that you have prayerfully come to agreement with the board. Pastor Brett will officially join the ENCOUNTER staff in August and will deliver his first message as our Lead Pastor on August 29.


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— Brett Moore has been affirmed by ENCOUNTER members to be the new Lead Pastor. Find out more about him here.

— Pastor Brett will join the ENCOUNTER staff in August and will preach his first message as our Lead Pastor on Sunday, August 29.


As an Elder Board, we celebrate and support Daniel’s direction for his international ministry and transition to full-time leadership of Catalyst Intl. We clearly see the Lord’s hand at work. We also acknowledge how Daniel has led ENCOUNTER, focusing on teaching and guiding the growth of our body.  With this transition in senior leadership, we are focusing on God’s plan for ENCOUNTER. We are making good progress in the search for a new Lead Pastor who will be God’s choice to guide ENCOUNTER into the future with zeal and effectiveness. We want to grow as a people in our love for the Lord and each other as we seek to bring the gospel message to a growing number in this community and around the world.

Who will search for the next Lead Pastor?

The Elder Board is required by the church bylaws to be the Search Team to find the new Lead Pastor.  The members of the Elder Board are Rob Westberg (chair), Don Chambers, David Araujo, Christopher Fortunati, Phil Graves, Patrick McCaslin, and Jack Monroe.

What are Daniel’s plans for the future?

Daniel will continue in his current role until June 27, when he will have his final Sunday morning services as Lead Pastor. His desire is to have ENCOUNTER continue to be his church home even after leaving his position as Lead Pastor.

What is the search process and general timetable to have a new Lead Pastor here?

1. The search process began in March 2020.

2. We are forming some teams to facilitate this transition. An Elder leads each team. These teams are:

Search team (Elder Board) — Rob Westberg
Search support team — Don Chambers
Theology team — Jack Monroe
Transition team — Dave Araujo
Communication team — Christopher Fortunati
Budget team — Phil Graves

3. Prayer is the most important priority. We have committed ourselves as Elders to focus on Mondays as a day of prayer during this search. Prayer gatherings have been occurring through zoom on Monday nights (Digital Prayer Movement). They are open to all.

4. Input will be gathered from various leaders of the church.

5. Progress will be shared regularly on the website.

6. Board review of candidates will continue until someone is selected. The Board is committed to seeking God’s direction in this process, which could take an extensive period of time, potentially more than a year.

7. The final candidate will be presented to the church in formal and informal settings.

8. Finally, the members of the church will vote on a designated weekend before and after services. The bylaws require a 2/3 majority of members voting to call a new Lead Pastor.

Who can vote for the new Lead Pastor?

Only current registered members of the church can vote. To verify if you are a member of ENCOUNTER, contact Katy Jiroch.

Are any of the current pastors on staff candidates?

Any who desire to apply may do so as the Lord leads and will be considered along will all other candidates.

Who will speak during services while we search?

Our current teaching team—Daniel, Bill Heydorn, and Brian Rayburn—will continue speaking as scheduled until Daniel completes his time as our Lead Pastor at the end of June. After that point, Pastor Bill and Pastor Brian will continue to teach, as well as some exciting guest speakers.

How can we support Daniel?

First and foremost, he appreciates your prayers. He will share more details about the ministry of Catalyst Intl as we move through this time of transition.

What is happening with Lori, Daniel’s wife?

Lori will step down from her role on staff at ENCOUNTER to pursue fulltime ministry at Catalyst Intl at the end of June.

Who do we contact with questions or comments?

Comments and questions can be emailed to

How do we keep informed about the search progress?

Progress reports will be put on our website. And updates will also be shared periodically in the weekend services.

How will the search for Lead Pastor impact the search for a Worship Leader?

The Worship Leader search has been put on hold for the time being.  Once a Lead Pastor has been selected, the search for a Worship Leader will resume.  It is important that the new Lead Pastor be part of the Worship Leader selection process. We will continue to be led by guest Worship Leaders in the weekend services during this time of transition.

Will there be any changes to current staff roles during the search process?

The day-to-day leadership of the church will continue to be the responsibility of the Lead Team. They will make sure that the church continues to pursue its mission to Encounter God, Encourage each other and Engage the world.

The Lead Team includes:
Daniel Hahn, Lead Pastor (Until he completes his time with us)
Jack Monroe, Executive Pastor
Gloria Needham, Director of ENCOUNTER Kids
Bill Heydorn, Community Life Pastor
Brian Rayburn, Pastor of Student Ministries
Gerald Innes, Director of Operations & Facilities
Lori Hahn, Director of Global Outreach (Until she completes her time with us)
Kelly Hanighen-Lynch, Director of Communications
Lindsey Lopez, Care Coordinator

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. Isaiah 55:8

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” Isaiah 43:19