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We’re growing our ministry to moms and we couldn’t be more excited!

MOMSnext is for moms who are
– past the diaper years and kids are sleeping through the night
– meeting more emotional needs than physical ones
– trying to sort out issues like peer pressure, homework, chores and more!

Meet our incredible MOMSnext Leadership Team: Michelle Engelbach, Jacey Imming and Carrie Campbell!

E: When did you come to ENCOUNTER?

Michelle I came about 3 years ago through MOPS.

JaceyOur oldest daughter started attending ENCOUNTER Preschool and we started attending the church after that. We absolutely love the preschool! The growth in our daughter’s faith led us to want to attend ENCOUNTER regularly.

CarrieWe began attending ENCOUNTER about five years ago when our oldest daughter enrolled in the preschool “older summer birthdays” class. I found the preschool after attending MOPS. 

E: How have you been impacted by being a part of MOPS?

Michelle – MOPS helped me build a support system  after we moved to the area, having no family or friends around.  The friendships I made at MOPS became my tribe I could call on when I needed help, impromptu babysitter or play date, or when i just had a hard day! 

JaceyMOPS has made a huge impact on my life. I’ve not only formed wonderful friendships, but I’ve seen my mom tribe grow. Getting to connect with like-minded moms who share similar values is priceless. I appreciate different viewpoints and experiences to help me parent my daughters. Serving on the MOPS leadership team has been more rewarding than I could have realized. 

Carrie – MOPS has provided me with friendships that have grown beyond a surface level, shoulders to lean on, ears to listen, moments of clarity, advice, amazing wisdom from so many speakers, many many smiles and so much laughter, so much coffee, play dates, hugs, meals, improved my marriage, stretched my mind, strengthened my mothering and soooooo much more! Moms that I would have thought I had nothing in common with have all been a part of my parenting journey and have positively influenced my family.

E: Why MOMSnext?

MichelleI couldn’t imagine not coming to MOPS, so MOMSnext was a must for me to continue to build my friendships and learn from fellow moms.   I feel like this next season in mommyhood has scary things coming, such as puberty, social-cyber safety, building faith-based friends and more that I will be faced with. I need a place to go to discuss these issues and hear speakers who are experts in these areas to help me be prepared to be the best mommy for my kids. 

JaceyThough our parenting needs and concerns change as our children get older, our desire for community, support, guidance and togetherness does not. MOMSnext aims to provide that for moms who are past diapers and sleep schedules but have moved on to the concerns of raising older children.

Carrie –  I am looking forward to MOMSnext so I can try to be prepared for the season of parenting pre-teens and teenagers!  I want to  help my children launch into kind, respectful, contributing adults. How amazing to be part of a community of moms that want to grow together, learn from one another, laugh together, and give each other grace.  This job called “MOM” is not for the weak! Being is MOM is amazing, but also very hard and it changes with each season! I can’t wait to learn all I can with a cup of carmel iced coffee!! 

E: What’s your favorite hangout in Ventura?

Michelle  – We love going to the beach and getting Beach House Tacos!  I can go there solo for a quick run or with the kids to play at the playground and enjoy tacos! 

JaceyMy house? LOL! Seriously though, Royal Bakery! It’s just SO good!

Carrie – Definitely the beach, because it is so reenergizing, but I can’t lie…coffee spots, too! Lately, we have also really enjoyed exploring Ojai! 

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