Brian Rayburn - September 2, 2018

VALLEY OF VISION: Refusing Revenge

VALLEY OF VISION: Refusing Revenge

God calls us to pursue peace and to give Him room to bring justice in His time.

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 24:1-22

From Current Series: "VALLEY OF VISION"

There’s no character in Scripture that is more candid or colorful. No man or woman, I can think of, who evokes more emotion, prompts more reflection, or stirs more conviction than King David. But David wasn’t always a king. For more than a decade, David was a hunted fugitive, barely clinging to life itself. It was during these years, in this long dark valley, that God was actually molding a life, shaping a character, and preparing an individual for greater things. So what’s been going on with your life, lately? Faced any serious roadblocks? Found yourself wondering what in the world is happening? Forced to wrestle with some personal struggle? How might God be using all of that to get your attention? How might your own valley of struggle be a place of refinement—as it was for David? This summer, let's go on a soul searching adventure. We’ll be traveling right behind David. We’ll discover what he learned in the VALLEY OF VISION.



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