Mark Riggins - November 19, 2017

UNDERCURRENT: Mt. Carmel – Where Commitment is Determined


Ever seen a fork laying in the road? Of course you have. Happens all the time. Decisions. Dilemmas. Choices. Forks in the road. Places in the journey where we hear two competing voices in our heads. Someone has said, “There’s magic in decision.” I’d like to add to that — “There are migraines in decisions.” In our UNDERCURRENT series with Elijah, we’ve finally arrived at Mt. Carmel. High point in Palestine and high point in the story. Thousands are gathering. God’s power is soon to be on historic display. But first, out of the blue, Elijah turns all his attention to God’s people and asks one them one of those defining questions. Suddenly it becomes a turning point, a fork in the road. We’ll all be there soon enough. We’ll be tempted to doubt, back down, clam up, and hide. Elijah’s story is our story. 

Scripture References: 1 Kings 18:1-21

From Current Series: "UNDERCURRENT"



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