Daniel Hahn - November 12, 2017



God demonstrates his power when we come to the end of our own. Detail: I grew up in a house with an attic. We had a ladder that could be pulled down from the ceiling in our hallway giving us access to all sorts of junk that had been stored away up there. Our attic was filled with vintage linens, broken appliances, Christmas decorations we no longer used, old scrapbooks and toys from bygone childhoods. There were dust covered lamps, sheet covered chairs, and beat up pieces of luggage that hadn’t traveled anywhere in years. The attic always felt a little sad to me. Everything there seemed to represent life—now over. It all felt discarded, forgotten and obsolete. The dimness and dust were fitting. Come to another upper room with me this weekend. A woman’s son is dying, time has run out, and she’s sure God has discarded her. It’s an intensely personal moment where faith feels thin and hope feels lost. This woman’s story is about to intersect with parts of ours.

Scripture References: 1 Kings 17:17-24

From Current Series: "UNDERCURRENT"


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