Daniel Hahn - December 15, 2018

PRESENCE, Part 2, The Peace of God—Resting in His Ultimate Care


The peace of God grows out of our peace with God.

From Current Series: "PRESENCE"

We live in uncertain times. A lot of people feel maxed out, worn out, worried and tense. Studies indicate that Americans are becoming more and more anxious all the time. Are we? Any idea why? There are remedies popping up all over the country. From meditation apps to tranquility playlists on Spotify everyone is trying to mitigate the feelings. But Scripture points our hearts in another direction altogether. Come join us at ENCOUNTER for a 3-part series called PRESENCE. It’s all about taking the weight of the world off our shoulders. I’ve been working on this series for weeks, and I’m excited to share it with you. There’s a better way to live.


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