Daniel Hahn - February 8, 2020

LEANING INTO THIS LOVE - Healing Our Brokeness

LEANING INTO THIS LOVE - Healing Our Brokeness

Jesus heals the man by the pool of Bethesda and reveals his power over whatever is paralyzing us.

Scripture References: John 5:1-15

From Current Series: "LEANING INTO THIS LOVE"

So often when people think of Jesus, they think of a distant historical figure. They envision a baby in a manger or teacher on a hillside or even a Savior on a cross—imagining these scenes as if they were nothing more than events of the past. But the Jesus revealed to us in God’s Word is alive and present—now! He’s actively at work in our everyday lives, meeting us in the darkest places and revealing a life that shatters our small expectations.



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