Bill Heydorn - April 10, 2021

Encountering Jesus In A New Way

Encountering Jesus In A New Way

When anticipating a certain outcome or believing that life should be a certain way, we can become disappointed and disillusioned. Often, these disillusionments or disappointments can be directed at God. Why did He allow this to happen? Why didn’t He stop this from happening? This thing should happen, or this thing should not happen. This weekend we are going to take a journey with two men traveling on a road who had their expectations shattered, only to discover that something greater than they could have expected transpired. All they needed was a change of perspective…and maybe that is all we need too.

Scripture References: Luke 24:13-45

From Current Series: "NEW KINGDOM PEOPLE"

For most of us, 2020 was harrowing. It was a year of countless disruptions, reversals, unknowns, complications and waiting. It was rough. But it was also a year of opportunity—an opportunity that is still stretched out before us. All those hardships have the potential of realigning our hearts at a most fundamental level. When this world gets disrupted, there’s the potential of thinking beyond it. Jesus came talking about another Kingdom—a realm, a reign, a way of relating that was based on God’s value system, rather than the world’s common trajectory. “My Kingdom is not of this world,” Jesus said. Whether you’re online or in person, please join me at ENCOUNTER this weekend for “New Kingdom People.” God is showing us the way forward.



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