Mark Riggins - July 8, 2018

FOCUS: How Do I Reach My World For Jesus...Really?


People far from God but near me are my greatest purpose.

Scripture References: Romans 10:9-15

From Current Series: "FOCUS"

If there never seems to be enough time to get everything done, we want more time. If our lives seem to be missing significance, we seek a greater purpose. What if working harder, smarter, and faster won’t solve it? What if instead of another clock or a new challenge, what we really need is a clear compass? If you paused right now to think seriously about the “most important” things in your life – the three or four things that matter most – what would they be? Are you focused on the “right” three or four things? How do you even know? How do we determine our priorities? In the middle of our chaotic and busy lives, if we could be certain what mattered most, it would give us greater clarity and purpose. But how do we know what matters most? We should probably ask, “What is God primarily focused on?” Then we should probably ask, “Am I focused on what matters most to God?” Here’s a scary question: Could my life be focused on something God isn’t focused on? Our lives will have clarity when we focus on what God is focused on. The questions are “What has God’s focus right now?” and “How can I become more focused on that?” The answers to these questions could change everything. We are beginning a brand new series called, you guessed it, “Focus.” We will discover how to live better, love more, and leave an enduring legacy.


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