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My name is Susan Plummer.  My husband John and I have been married for 20 years and he is both a step & spiritual father to “our” kids. Our son Jared is 28, a Captain in the Army, and stationed in Colorado. Our daughter Alora is 24, married for 2 years to our son-in-law Mitchell Chua, who live in Camarillo. Last August, 10 months ago, my friend invited us to attend her daughter’s baptism here at ENCOUNTER and the message clearly spoke to our hearts. We’ve been attending ever since.

Launch was my first group experience, and the connection I felt was immediate.  The leaders were authentic and down to earth. They made me feel welcomed and very comfortable.  I got reconnected to God. I met other women that I really enjoyed getting to know.  I was invited to our leader’s home to a “Going Deeper” study with others from Launch. She has continued to encourage and invite me to other available Bible studies.

My faith is always deepened through connection with others who love Jesus.  I needed to find other women to have fellowship with, who I knew I could be real with, who would encourage me, share valuable invites and experience of their own.  I have total faith in God, but this study and the fellowship with others, has sparked my desire to be closer to God and experience a deeper relationship with Him.

To someone who is new to groups, I would tell them that they have nothing to lose, and that God wants us all to know the love, care, and encouragement of other believers. There’s nothing like finding a place to grow closer to Jesus and make new acquaintances and friends.

To find out more about joining a women’s Launch group, email Judy Stanton.

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