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Robby and Carol have been serving with MAF for over 25 years. Robby was a pilot/mechanic in Indonesia for eight years and served as a Maintenance Specialist in Indonesia for 4 years. He currently is on loan from MAF to Moody Bible Institute’s Missionary Aviation Program in Spokane, WA, his Alma Mater. He instructs the next generation of missionary pilot/mechanics at Moody Aviation.  As an Advanced Maintenance Instructor, Robby takes the newly licensed mechanics and starts giving them real world experience on equipment they will use overseas. These pilots and mechanics spend five years training to help bring the Gospel to those who are isolated in countries around the world.

For the next 3 weeks the 4th year class will prepare for their long cross country flight. Robby will guide the students through an annual inspection to try to guarantee that they won’t have any maintenance related problems on their trip. It is good to have the students maintaining the aircraft they will fly for the two-week trip. The trip is the highlight of the Moody experience.

Carol served on our church staff in the graphics department for 16 years.  We are thankful to call the Matthews one of ENCOUNTER’s Global Partners. If you’d like to learn more about the work of MAF, please contact Robby and Carol at

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