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Michelle Anthony has become an indispensable leader in the Children’s ministry over the 20 years that she has served at the church. No area of ENCOUNTER Kids is outside of her scope. She is the Director of the Saturday Night Service for 3 years – grade 6, leads the preteen ministry, Lightforce, for grades 5 and 6, and oversees all childcare for the different ministries. Closest to her heart is directing the yearly summer Vacation Bible School (VBS), where she shared: “My mom came to the Lord from VBS and I love continuing this legacy by introducing children to the Lord. It changes generations!” She and her husband Todd recently became grandparents when their older daughter Victoria and son-in-law Jayden had their first grandchild Genevieve in January of 2019. Her younger daughter Elizabeth is graduating this December with her bachelor’s degree in psychology.

1. What’s your ideal day off look like?

Time with the Lord, playing with Genevieve and cooking all day listening to jazz.

2. What is one book that has impacted you personally this past year?

Letters to the Church by Francis Chan. This book really reminded me what church is. A place for real friendships and growth in the Lord. It caused me to sign up my husband and I up for a Rooted group this fall. That has changed our lives. I love every single person in our group and we have decided to continue as a life group! My heart is full.

3. How would you describe your personality?

Outgoing, I love to laugh, I give 100% to whatever I’m doing, I’m organized and love new projects.

4. What is one Scripture passage that feels very personal to you?

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: Be Joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances: for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. This is my life verse and has carried me through many circumstances.

5. What is your favorite dessert?

Gluten free double chocolate brownies, but honestly, I’m not a big sweets person, I’d rather eat something savory anytime.

6. Do you have a secret skill or talent?

My favorite is cooking!  I love interior design. I create and come up with the plans, and Todd builds it. We are always working on something together. Todd calls us the west coast Chip and Joanna Gaines. I love sculpting in clay, sugar art or dough.

7. What’s one thing in particular you’re looking forward to in the next few months at ENCOUNTER?

Continuing to get to see the Lightforce kids come out of their shells… super fun! They start out so leery of this transition to preteen ministry, and by January each year, the kids are fast friends and really fun to mess around with. My goal is to get an eye roll from each of them before they move up to youth ministry. When I can get them to laugh with me, then I know they trust me, will tell me anything and we are friends.

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