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Lori Hahn has been a part of the ENCOUNTER family since the fall of 2000. Though she has worn many hats in the course of those nineteen years, from Director of Communications to leading the Women’s Ministry, she currently serves as the Director of Global Outreach. In addition to caring for ENCOUNTER’s 20 full time global partners, her role includes helping our church to align our hearts, minds and everyday lives with God’s heart for the nations. She has been married to our Lead Pastor Daniel for 34 years and together they have two kids who credit their childhood at ENCOUNTER as instrumental in shaping their lives and vocational calling. Their daughter Katie lives in Aliso Viejo with her husband Nick and son Oliver. Their son Kyle recently graduated with his Master of Divinity and is serving as a Worship Pastor at a church in Claremont.

1. What’s your ideal day off look like?
Walk at the beach. Time to journal. Coffee with a friend. Pedicure. Time with our kids sitting around the table having a meal together. Reading to Oliver. Friends stop by. Spontaneous dance party. There are just so many possibilities for fun!

2. What is one book that has impacted you personally this past year?
I was impacted by Tara Westover’s memoir in Educated; it’s an inspiring story of overcoming insurmountable obstacles.

I also read Discipleship on the Edge which is a commentary on the book of Revelation. Before you write off commentary = dull, this is more like a discipleship manual that offers practical insights in to the last book of the Bible. It’s a picture of what life on the edge looks like between this world and the next. Revelation challenges us to see the present in light of the unseen realities of the future. We are living in a time of chaotic cultural changes that have increased the pressure followers of Jesus experience. Revelation is a guidebook for life as exiles or strangers living in a culture that opposes Christian values. If we can grasp the full reality of the present, then we will have the courage to trust God in the midst of disappointments, cultural strife, and uncertainty. Revelation calls us to an encounter with Jesus that empowers us to follow him in His paradoxical way. I need to be reminded of the Truth that there is more to the story – how am I looking for Jesus in the midst of what’s going on right now!

3. How would you describe your personality?
Because of Christ’s redemptive work in my life, I feel fully alive and joyful. I love people and their stories, adventure, ideas, fun, creativity, and possibilities. I value deep heart conversations – they are life giving. For fans of the Enneagram, I identify as a 7 (“The Enthusiast”) and am an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs.

4. What is one Scripture passage that feels very personal to you?
When I came to know Christ as a teen, someone suggested picking a “life verse.” God impressed on me: “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” Romans 8:28. This has shaped my world view and framed my theology around trials and suffering – they will happen – but I have hope in God that He is at work to craft my character and deepen my trust in Him.

5. What is your favorite dessert?
There are so many! I’d say a chocolate soufflé with raspberry sauce and fresh cream is pretty satiating!

6. Do you have a secret skill or talent?
I wish I did! I have fantasy ones – does that count? I’d love to be a pro beach volleyball player (I think I’m too late for that one) or a jazz pianist. I consider one of my real-life skills to close down a restaurant – if meaningful conversation is happening, 4 hours can fly by and they are turning off the lights!

7. What’s one thing in particular you’re looking forward to in the next few months at ENCOUNTER?
I’m excited to watch God move in our church this year – through experiences like Rooted (if you’ve not done it, I encourage you to sign up!), MOPS and MOMSnext, through our dedicated staff and their creativity, through prayer, and for the new people God brings to be a part of our church family.

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