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Nate and his wife, Louise, and their four children Ellie (14), Kara (12), Krista (10) and Josh (7) work in Rota, Spain on a military base with Cadence International. Cadence’s vision is to share Christ with the nations through the lives of transformed military people. Since 1998, Nate and Louise have been with Cadence serving on military bases in Germany, Japan, and for the last 4 years in Spain. Nate and Louise have been ENCOUNTER Global Partners since 2000. Prior to that, Nate served in our Student Ministry as a youth pastor in the 90’s.

The Johnsons run the Victory Villa Hospitality House which serves the sailors, marines, airmen, civilians and their families stationed at Naval Station Rota. It seeks to be a home away from home for those who are deployed and away from loved ones.

This past month, Nate had the joy of baptizing a military spouse named Yadira. She’s been coming to the Villa for less than a year. Please remember the Johnsons as they welcome military personnel during the holiday season. Louise frequently finds herself preparing meals for 50+ people on a weekly basis singles, students and families come by to watch football, study the Bible, and build relationships.

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