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This past June, Noah (11) and Eden (10) served at the Breathe Conference for global workers. Noah and his parents, Brian and Danielle, led worship for the adults (Noah is crazy good on the keys!). Eden helped care for babies and toddlers in the mornings. In the afternoons, she made friends with the other girls her age. Eden became close to a family who serves in a closed Muslim country.

Following Breathe, Eden became aware of a medical need for one of her new friends, who was also 9.  Eden got together with some of her friends here in Ventura to raise money to help with the medical expense of her friend. Here’s what Eden shared with us:

When my parents told me that my friend was in need of medical care, and that we needed to pray, I thought “We need to do something!” I felt like I had to respond. So I started making necklaces and asked my friends if they wanted to make things to sell. My friends and I made necklaces together.  My friends made painted flower pots, pot holders, earrings, bookmarks, baked goods and decorations. My grandpa made cookies to sell. We threw a backyard fundraiser and sent out lots of invitations. We raised a total of $600 with sales and donations. I wasn’t surprised at how much we made because I knew God was going to do it!

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