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When I moved to Ventura six years ago from a town that I had lived my whole life in, I knew that I needed to connect with other moms who were in the same season of life I was in…but I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish it.  We hadn’t found a church home yet and the nice mothers at the park were great to have casual conversations with, but then I walked away wishing for something more. More talking, more getting to know someone like me, more time…and then I found MOPS at ENCOUNTER.

I never expected to love MOPS.  I joined because I was invited.  I went telling my husband that maybe I would meet a friend or two and then I could quit going…all I needed was a connection, a friend.

Fast-forward a bit and this is my fifth year in MOPS.  I have found this ministry to be authentically nourishing. Some journeys look like mine, some don’t.  Some of us share the same faith, some are searching.  Some joined to make new friends and others rely on their time at MOPS to make it through a season of life.  We all gather at MOPS for a purpose. Though my reason was to make one true friend, I continue to serve on the MOPS leadership team with a whole host of friends who gladly serve a room full of women. We are mothers in bloom.  ~ Hannah Sierra

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