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These two amazing women have been praying for our church and our missionaries faithfully for over 36 years!

E: When did you come to ENCOUNTER?

Dottie: I started attending Bible Fellowship Church (currently ENCOUNTER) in 1981.

Eloise: I’ve been coming to this church for 36 years!

E: What do you like about the church?

Dottie: The preaching of the Word, the availability of small groups, the quality of the staff and the excellence with which they fulfill their roles, the missions emphasis and the​ generous financial and prayer support of our global partners, the strong ministry to the next generation, and the positive impact of Celebrate Recovery!

Eloise: I like that it is Bible based and has a strong missionary emphasis.

E: How did you start serving – where do you serve?

Dottie: Early on I assisted with communion prep, sang in the choir and member of the worship team; became admin assistant to the worship leaders on staff; helped Gloria with Music Camp, prayed for our missionaries, stuff bulletins; served on the Missions Leadership Team; helped fill chair pockets in the auditorium; now I’m limited physically to staffing the Community Life Center monthly, playing keyboard for Silver Lining class and leading a women’s Bible study weekly​.

​Eloise: I started serving in Awana, then KidsCove and Kids Choir. I currently serve on the Missions Team, stocking bulletins in the seat pockets, and helping at the Community Life Center. I also serve in Bible Study Fellowship.

E: What got you excited about missions?

Dottie: My dad was a pastor, and we often hosted missionaries in our home, and of course hearing them when they spoke at church and at our camps impacted me. Many of the young people in our church pursued missions as their life’s calling.

Eloise: I worked at a Bible camp during my high school and college years in Washington that had a strong influence on me for missions. I’ve been on four short term missions trips with International School Project, two in Romania and two in Guatemala.

E: How would you encourage someone who is just starting out in prayer to learn how to pray?

Dottie: You learn how to pray by praying, not just reading about it or talking about it. The Holy Spirit is our “director” in knowing what to pray for. Also, the Scripture are a great resource in leading us to pray for our families and friends. In praying for missions, we’re guided by the monthly letters from our church’s Global Partners, but also the monthly Global Prayer Digest which features unreached people groups.

Eloise: I have been part of Partners in Prayer (praying for our Global Partners) since I retired from teaching in 2001. I share some of our global partner’s prayer letters with the Silver Lining class on Sunday  mornings.   Knowing most of the missionaries personally has caused me to be more passionate in praying for them. At first I didn’t feel comfortable praying, but by doing it, it became easier.  

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