Brett Moore has been the Associate Pastor at Arrowhead Church in Tennessee for over ten years. Brett did graduate school and M.DIV work at Western Seminary, Moody Theological Seminary, and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is passionate about proclaiming the Gospel and seeing its power transform families and communities. He has experience as a Student Pastor, launching generational ministries serving kids, students, and college-aged believers, guiding a recovery ministry, and providing navigational oversight for groups ministry. He and his wife, Lane, have two daughters, Julia, age 10, and Annie June, age 6.


I grew up in a family of faith, but it wasn’t until I was sitting in a church service at thirteen, that I heard an evangelist say words that would change my life forever: Jesus came not for the healthy, but for the sick. That night, my need for Jesus became real. I understood that I couldn’t save me and that was a really good thing. That night, I needed Jesus. And that was the night that Jesus saved me. I didn’t save myself, but Jesus chased me down and saved me out of my nice, neat and polite life, and I have never been the same.

I’ve wanted to be in ministry since I was old enough to travel with my grandfather who was a pastor and revival preacher. However, it wasn’t until one September night in college that I prayed specifically for God’s guidance and help for direction in my life. I picked up my Bible and started reading, and in the first chapter of Jeremiah, I felt like God was talking to me. “Go where I send you,” declares the Lord… “say whatever I tell you…” It was on my bedroom floor that God began to outline for me, from the Scriptures, what a life of discipleship looks like: ask, listen, respond, repeat.

From that point forward, I spent most of my weekends in college traveling as an itinerate speaker and reading everything I could about church history, theology, and leadership. After graduating, I worked as a Student Pastor in Atlanta, before moving back to my hometown in Tennessee to help an old friend with a young church plant that eventually became Arrowhead Church. In the ten years I served at Arrowhead, I launched generational ministries (kids, students, college), a recovery ministry, developed an assimilation process as well as providing navigational oversight for our groups ministry while serving as Associate Pastor. I gave leadership to our staff team, taught in multiple environments at both campuses and served as an elder.


Lane, my beautiful wife of fifteen years, is genuinely a celebrator of ministry. She loves the local church, and ministry is not just something that I do, but part of the way our family life is constructed. Julia, my oldest daughter, is ten. She is kind, passionate, sensitive. She loves art, gymnastics, and playing the piano. She is a natural teacher and has recently begun to demonstrate a true heart for people who are less fortunate than she. Annie June, my youngest daughter, is six. She is joyful, energetic, and likes to make people laugh.

Being a good dad helps me be a good pastor and vice versa. I want my daughters to love the church, be passionate about sharing Jesus with our neighbors and friends, and remember that loving Jesus is the most important thing.


What drew me to ENCOUNTER is our “shared vocabulary.” I resonated with ENCOUNTER’s “three essentials,” and I saw an emphasis on the same things I prioritize for a church: meeting God, encouraging one another and loving your neighbor. Also, God has sincerely burdened my heart, and my family’s heart, for people in California. I can point to factors like family connections, grad school in Fullerton, the number of relationships I have with people in CA, but underneath all of those factors is a real belief that God loves California and that part of my role in loving God involves moving there to serve His church in this new place for us.

Brett Moore’s July 18 ENCOUNTER Sermon

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