Daniel Hahn - November 9, 2019

BRIDE, Relationally Supportive

BRIDE, Relationally Supportive

All of us are imperfect, but that gives all of us the chance to learn how to be relationally supportive.

Scripture References: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-15

From Current Series: "BRIDE"

When Scripture describes the people who belong to Christ (the church) it uses an amazing visual to help us understand the relationship. We’re called the bride of Christ. Let that sink in for a moment. God sees us as a bride. The people for whom Christ died, and for whom Christ lives! We are the people that He loves, and leads and will be coming for one day soon. We have some idea of what human marriage should look like, but what does it mean to be Christ’s bride? Weekends at ENCOUNTER are taking us into the New Testament letter of 1st Thessalonians to discover the answer to that question.


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