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Tender Life Maternity Home 2021 Annual Fundraiser Walk

The Tender Life Maternity Home 2021 Annual Fundraiser Walk is upon us!

We are walking to raise money to fund Tender Life Maternity Home. All funds raised will be used to provide shelter and related expenses. Where this money is really going, if we’re honest, is the purchase of opportunities. Opportunities for these women to learn coping skills, life skills, and resume skills — among many other things. These skills will allow these women to provide a better life for their children. It will help them to meet life’s challenges the right way — with prayer and positivity.

Won’t you join us for this very special walk? Some folks may not feel comfortable walking due to COVID-19. We get that. We want everyone to feel safe and secure in this time of uncertainty. Still want to help? Great! We would humbly ask that you form a team and raise money for this worthy cause as a group.

Please visit HERE to register for our 2020 Annual Fundraiser Walk. If you are donating, please visit this link and specify that it is for the Walk.

This year we have an amazing sponsorship opportunity available to all of our community partners. Please email partnerships@tenderlifematernity.org to learn more!

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