hope for north africa

Hope for North Africa Taco Lunch

In 2010, ENCOUNTER began sending teams to Honduras which formed a partnership of prayer and support over the past ten years. In recent years, a team from Brigadas de Amor Cristian Church from the impoverished community of Nueva Suyapa has been preparing to go as full- time global workers to a country in North Africa (* location not disclosed for security).

Islam has ruled in this country for over 1000 years; it is unreached with the gospel and hostile to Christianity. Ethnic and racial tensions run deep in the nearly 100% Muslim environment, especially between Arab and non-Arab peoples. Neighborhoods in this Saharan climate are comprised of single-story buildings with limited electricity and no running water.

You’re invited to join us Sunday, January 19 at 12:15 pm in The PLEX to meet William (the Honduran Team Leader), his wife Janet and their two girls who will be going to North Africa with two other Hondurans to live and work among this community.

Taco lunch is $5 per person.

Childcare is available, please register HERE.

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