How We Can Know the Bible Workshop

At ENCOUNTER, a foundational part of our story is that “everything focuses on getting to know Jesus better through His Word, the Bible.”

Sounds good, but you may wonder, “How and why can I trust the Bible?

And many ask these questions:

• “How can I know it’s a true account of Jesus’ life and not a wishful story written many years after his life?”
• “Don’t all religions have ‘scriptures’ and why is the Christian one better than any other?
• “Why should I entrust my earthly life and eternal destiny to what this book teaches?

This class will give you answers to these questions and many more. It is for anyone who wants to know the historical, factual foundations of the Bible and their Christian faith. Bring your doubts and questions — we promise well-researched, intellectually valid, and ultimately soul-satisfying answers.

The class leaders will be Paul & Yvon Prehn. If you have questions about the class email:

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