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Recently, our Global Outreach Team had an online celebration for our Global Partners (not named for security) who have been serving cross-culturally for 16 years.  In 2018 they had to leave China and were preparing to go to another location. However, they learned that their security was compromised in China (the government brought up their names when their co-workers were being interrogated). So, they abruptly left home with their three children.

While here in the States, COVID happened. Shortly after, both of their moms were diagnosed with life threatening health concerns. They made the difficult decision to stay in Northern California where S will be working with international students, and N will continue mobilizing prayer for unreached people groups. Typically, global workers have an opportunity to say goodbye to their churches in person. We asked them to share a few thoughts with ENCOUNTER.

What led you to spend 16 years of your life on the mission field? 
When we were in college, we saw a need for workers to go to the unreached. We didn’t know how or where, but we knew God was calling us to go overseas.
What are a few highlights from your ministry to the Bouyei people?
N –  In the early years, we travelled to visit Bouyei villages. We had learned the Bouyei language as many of the people do not speak Mandarin. I entered a Bouyei woman’s home and began speaking in her language. She looked at me with great surprise and asked “How do you know my language?”.  I explained that we learned Bouyei because we wanted to share the love of Jesus with her in her heart language.
S – A few years ago we realized our time may be limited working with the Bouyei due to government oppression. We began to build relationships with Christian churches in large cities in Eastern China (4-8 travel hours away from where the Bouyei live). We gave these churches a vision for the Bouyei people’s need to hear the gospel. As a result of this networking, 3 Chinese churches adopted this people group! Over time, one of these churches sent out a Han Chinese missionary who is currently working with the Bouyei. This is a great answer to prayer as all of the foreign workers have been kicked out of China.
If you could stand before our church and share about missions, what would you say?
N – Prayer fuels missions. There is nothing more important! James Fraser, one of OMF’s first missionaries to the Lisu people, said that prayer IS the work. (40% of the Lisu are now Christians).
S – Thank you, ENCOUNTER, for your partnership. We have been grateful for your financial support and encouragement, but more importantly, we are thankful for your prayers for us and for the Bouyei.
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