Brett Moore’s Resignation


It has been a joy, honor and delight to serve as your Lead Pastor this season. I count it a privilege to have had the opportunity to open God’s Word with you, spend time with you, and watch the Lord at work around us. While it was never my intention or plan for our time together to be this brief, I am certain that it is God’s will and timing that my time here has come to an end.

The reasons for my confidence are two-fold.

First, Jesus told His disciple Peter in Matthew 16, “I will build my church.” What a statement! In five words we learn the degree to which Jesus is involved. He takes His bride seriously. So seriously that He has plans to develop, nurture, and make her into something beautiful. He is making her into something not just sustainable, but better. He’s building something. He’s laying foundations, He’s adding to the footprint. He has an end in mind. And it’s His. The church belongs to Jesus. It’s all about Jesus. The church does not rise and fall on people or the plans of men; the church is a bride and her groom is a leader who knows what’s best.

Additionally, I am confident that God has called me to pastor. For a season that has been this church, but for the duration of my life, I am called to pastor my family. God has entrusted them to my leading and care and to act in their best interest. For that reason, I am sure that coming to Ventura and leaving Ventura are both an act of faith. I am putting my trust in what I believe is God’s leading.

I am grateful for the time that God has allowed us to share and look forward, with thanksgiving, to an eternity spent praising our great Father God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

Grace upon grace,

Brett Moore