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BREATHE – A place to restore your soul

Over the next ten days (June 20-30), Pastor Daniel and Lori Hahn are serving with a team of amazing volunteers at Breathe, a retreat for global workers held in Switzerland. These global workers are bringing the love of Jesus to dark places.  They are confronted with a myriad of challenges. Learning language, new social systems, identity, values, climate, geography, political unrest, and work roles contribute to stress. Added pressures come from working with multi-national teams, visa issues, children’s educational needs, health issues, isolation, relationships (single or married), funding and spiritual oppression.

Time to reflect

Teens exploring

Breathe is a 10-day retreat intentionally created for the renewal and encouragement of singles, couples, and families who serve in cross-cultural settings. Under the guidance of skilled counselors, missionaries have time to debrief their experiences on the field. Children and teens participate in fun programs designed to meet the unique needs of Third Culture Kids. Breathe is hosted by Catalyst Int’l, a ministry of ENCOUNTER.

Campfires and s’mores

Elementary kids program

Exhaustion and burnout

Over the years, guests have described how weary they become on the mission field:

I’ve been in a dry and barren desert.  I’m worn out and tired of giving and giving to people but never being refreshed myself.

I feel that God has brought me to the edge of myself – kind of like the hang gliders I see on the mountain cliff.  I am too tired to soar, and too afraid to jump.

I am like a surgical glove that has been blown up and swollen with stress, and then gradually emptied – then blown up again and emptied again.  Now I am limp and empty.  Too limp for God to even open the glove.  But He is there, waiting to place His hand in the glove and fill it – empower it and use it.

I feel like a dish sponge.  Every day, the same routine, same dirty dishes, same dirty sink. On my busiest days, there’s usually a burned pot to scrub.  There is never enough time to dry out.

BREATHE offers the space, time, content, and community for global workers to reconnect with God in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

Some of our amazing counselors

Join us in praying

Thank you, ENCOUNTER family, for praying for our guests and staff as they serve these dear brothers and sisters. Please join us in praying specifically for:

Health of our staff and guests at Breathe

Wisdom for our staff of counselors and medical professionals, energy for our childcare and teen workers, strong hands for our massage therapists, and Holy Spirit guided conversations.

Encouragement for each for guest through the teaching, worship, group discussions, and time spent with God.

Lori & Daniel














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