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On the 6th and 7th of April a group of students from ENCOUNTER’s Student Ministry were called to serve in a small act of compassion that had a huge impact on the world. 30-Hour Famine, while it isn’t easiest event, was probably the most humbling experience I’ve ever had. We participated in water-walks to get our drinking water, shelter building, and prayer for those who live with less. The weekends events showed us just how scarce water was for the people in developing countries. The team also practiced prayer for the less fortunate, which can never be practiced enough. Prayer got us out of our comfort zone and also showed us that God is in simple acts of service.

In a movie called “A place at the table” our team learned that even people in the U.S. are starving and barely getting by on food stamps. We don’t see hunger, and most often, people are embarrassed to admit they don’t have enough to eat. Hunger is everywhere in the world and by raising awareness of this reality we can create an echoing effect of loving responses. While we were hungry and tired, strength from God was very present and the atmosphere was very encouraging. This experience is one our students will never forget. “

Written by Megan Patterson, a 10th-Grader at Buena High School.

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