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Jun 18, 2017

SEEING RED - What's My Anger Costing Me?

SEEING RED - What's My Anger Costing Me?

Passage: Numbers 20:2-12

Speaker: Mark Riggins


Category: Anger

Keywords: anger, angry, emotions, frustrated, mad


Anger steals what we love most.


I always regret getting angry. Always. Yet anger is so seductive. After all, anger makes me feel more powerful, stronger, and in control. However, anger makes people run away from me leaving me alone and embarrassed.

Do you struggle with anger?

  • When you become frustrated, do you tend to become withdrawn?
  • Do you ever discuss a controversial topic and realize your voice gets louder and more assertive?
  • Do you find it difficult to forget when someone “does you wrong”?

Regardless of our education, gender, or age, most of us struggle with anger occasionally.

SEEING RED is a 4-week series on anger beginning this weekend. Here are the four questions we’ll be examining: What’s my anger costing me? What’s keeping me angry? How can I release my anger? How should I respond to an angry person?

Also, local author Roger Thompson will be our guest this weekend. Roger is both an artist and an author. His writing mesmerizes me. Plus, he’s a really good guy. Roger has just released a brand new book in time for Father’s Day. I bet he’ll have a copy with him at ENCOUNTER.

I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Pastor Mark Riggins

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