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Aug 06, 2017

REIGN OF GRACE - Grace Is God's Idea

REIGN OF GRACE - Grace Is God's  Idea

Passage: Galatians 3:1-25

Speaker: Daniel Hahn


Category: Galatians, Grace, New Testament

Keywords: abraham, faith, grace, law, righteousness


God is the initiator and provider of grace. We are the recipients of this great gift.


It is really astounding when you stand at the foot of a skyscraper and look up. You feel like an ant. But have you thought about the fact that a skyscraper would be completely ludicrous apart from one element? “And that would be?” you ask.
Until elevators were invented, there were no skyscrapers. It would be useless to build anything more than say six stories tall, because no one would walk up all those stairs! Ah, but once the elevator came into being around 150 years ago, that changed everything. Once elevators were installed in buildings, they started going higher. With elevators, the sky was the limit.

What’s that have to do with our series in Galatians? Well, think of religion as climbing up stairs. Worse yet, imagine all that climbing on an escalator that is going the opposite direction. (You probably have tried that a time or two.) You’re walking, but you’re getting nowhere, really. God is inviting us on to an elevator instead. This life -- this Christian life -- it isn’t about walking faster on the escalator or trudging harder up the stairs. It's about being moved by a power that is not our own. The elevator is called GRACE and the sky is the limit.
Pastor Daniel
P.S. Taking the stairs may be good for your heart, but it will kill your soul.

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