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Oct 01, 2017

EMBRACING THE STRANGER - Strangers by Displacement

EMBRACING THE STRANGER - Strangers by Displacement

Passage: Ruth 1:19-2:20

Speaker: Mark Riggins


Category: Strangers

Keywords: immigration, refugees, strangers, undocumented


Embracing Jesus means embracing people who are new to God's blessings.


Last week we kicked of a brand new series we are calling Embracing the Stranger based on Matthew 25. We discovered that Jesus taught, “If we want to embrace Jesus, we must make room for a stranger.”

Each week we will discuss a different group of strangers in Ventura County. Last week we looked at the Stranger by ethnicity. Following Jesus means I must make room for people in my life who look different from me.

This week, we’re going to look at a second type of stranger in Ventura County. We will hear a story that may grip your heart. Come this weekend and meet a stranger; my new friend Rigo.

I look forward to seeing you at ENCOUNTER this weekend.

Pastor Mark

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