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Oct 08, 2017

EMBRACING THE STRANGER - Strangers by Culture

EMBRACING THE STRANGER - Strangers by Culture

Passage: John 4:3-30

Speaker: Mark Riggins


Category: Strangers

Keywords: culture, strangers, the jesus way, think differently


Embracing Jesus means sitting with people who think differently from me.


Church family, I must apologize. Last weekend I underestimated your generosity. After the service, I invited you to go to the back of the Auditorium and pick up a card with a shoe size to buy a new pair of shoes for local migrant workers.

We laid out the shoe sizes for 180 pairs of adult-size athletic shoes. There was a long line waiting to get to the table after the first service on Sunday when all 180 cards had already been taken. So everyone who was remaining in that line and the entire second service did not get a card. Praise the Lord for your generosity!

As a result, here’s what we’re going to do. We want to continue to unleash your generosity. This specific community of migrant workers has around 250 adults living in the trailer park. What if we are able to put shoes on every single migrant worker in that park? For those who didn’t have an opportunity last weekend to pick up a card, this is your chance. This weekend, we’ll have the rest of the cards with shoes sizes on the table for you to pick up.

We will continue our series, Embracing the Stranger, and hear the story of a couple in our church that will encourage you.

Bring the shoes you’ve purchased with you this weekend, and I look forward to seeing you at ENCOUNTER.

Pastor Mark

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