My passport is without question my lifeline as I travel to some pretty remote spots in the world. I have to have it, and I have to show it. That passport represents my citizenship. It literally defines me when I’m overseas. So, take my camera, take my money, take whatever, but don’t take my passport. 

The New Testament letter called Galatians is like a passport. In a few pages, it outlines our identity as followers of Jesus.  It is concise and dynamic. What it contains is potent Truth, the very Truth that can save our lives if we take it to heart. The Apostle Paul who penned these words was passionate about this letter. It’s the Gospel of grace, and everything hinges on it.

No matter what else you may believe or not believe on a hundred other issues — God’s grace is a non-negotiable. You gotta have this. Like a spiritual passport, this is the Gospel that will get us all the way home. Know it. Live it. Explain it. Galatians provides exactly what we need. This is the REIGN OF GRACE. 

Weekends at ENCOUNTER.

Pastor Daniel