If you’ve ever been around young kids, you’ve probably seen those books where each page lists four pictures/shapes and then you’re supposed to identify the one thing that doesn’t belong. Remember those? One page might have three circles and one square. The next page might have three vegetables and one cupcake followed by the question, “Which one of these doesn’t belong?” For the record, I say the cupcake ALWAYS belongs!

The tragedy is when a person feels like they don’t belong. Like everyone else is a circle and they are the one square that doesn’t fit in.

As a dad, when I hear that one of my children were made to feel like they didn’t belong, I vacillate between the two extremes of deep sadness and fiery anger. Can you relate?

That must be how Jesus feels, because He insists that His followers treat strangers a specific way. He takes it seriously when we overlook the strangers.

But, who are these strangers? Where are these strangers? What does the Bible say about them? Let’s learn together.

In “Embracing the Stranger" series,” we will discover that if we embrace Jesus, we must make room for strangers.

Pastor Mark Riggins