I always regret getting angry. Always. Yet anger is so seductive. After all, anger makes me feel more powerful, stronger, and in control. However, anger makes people run away from me leaving me alone and embarrassed.

Do you struggle with anger?

  • When you become frustrated, do you tend to become withdrawn?
  • Do you ever discuss a controversial topic and realize your voice gets louder and more assertive?
  • Do you find it difficult to easily forget when someone “does you wrong”?

Regardless of your education, gender, or age, most of us struggle with anger occasionally and many of us live with people who struggle with anger. What if our anger is hurting the people we love the most? What does God’s Word say about anger? If we live with an angry person, how should we respond?

SEEING RED is a 4-week series on anger. I’m not an expert, but I am experienced. Let’s have an honest conversation about the anger within and around us.

Mark Riggins
Community Life Pastor