Child Dedication & Baptism

How do I dedicate my baby or child?

Dedicating a child during a weekend ENCOUNTER service is a parents’ public commitment to offer their child to the Lord and to commit themselves to raising the child for the glory of God. Child dedications are held twice a year in the fall and in the spring during our weekend services. We offer a preparation class for you to learn more about dedicating your child. Contact our Nursery Director Kellianne Hern.

How can my child be baptized?

Water baptism is one of the most important things your kids can do as new Christ followers! It is an outward sign of the change which has taken place in their hearts when they choose to follow Jesus. Baptisms happen two times a year during our ENCOUNTER services in the Auditorium. We offer a preparation class which will help you and your child understand this important expression of faith. Please contact   if your child would like to be baptized.